Specialized in cloud storage service
platform fire web service

Besides large-capacity online storage firestorage that can be started even without registering accounts,
Specialize in saving and sharing files, expand storage as well as personal users as well as small users for the first time fws storage,
Of course, fws storage,amazon s3,amazons3compatible Applications that can freely handle cloud services firedrive,
We will respond to all needs of storage service.

What you can do with fire web service

We will introduce three services specialized in storage service

fws storage

Initial cost free
Distributed cloud service with scalability and high fault tolerance that can flexibly expand capacity Data storage sharing can be easily and securely started.

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URL sharing free online storage
When registering as a member, you can use many convenient functions abundantly, and it is being used much in business scenes with high security and easy operation

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Amazon S3・Amazon S3Compatible
Easy access to fws storage
In addition, file manipulation between different services is surprisingly convenient application

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Data sharing and management application

Introducing fire web service

It is different from here

It's free and easy to get started

You can use immediately without registering the account.
You can use it free of charge, and you can upload TB's files with pay plan.

Made in Japan

From service development to data management and operation all from Japan
We are operating at our data center.

Easy to understand for beginners

Since it can be used intuitively with a simple interface, beginners can use it with confidence.

Support smartphones

Tablets, smartphones,
Just by connecting to the Internet regardless of terminal or location, you can access data.