Terms of Service

The fire web service usage agreement is regulated by Logic Factory Co., Ltd. and the service user regulates "fire web service", "fws storage", "firestorage", "firedrive" or related services, software etc. The service user shall agree to this Terms of Service and use this service without fail.If you do not agree to these terms, you can not use this service. We can change this agreement at any time without notifying the service user in advance in case we deem it necessary.The changed terms shall be effective from the time the Company is posted in the Service and the Service User shall continue to use the Service even after the change of these Terms, And it is deemed to have made an irrevocable consent.
The terms of use are governed by these Terms and Conditions of Service corresponding to the services used by the users in the Terms and Conditions.
If there is a provision contradictory or conflicting with this Terms and Service-specific Terms, the provisions of the service-specific terms shall prevail.


We respect user's privacy. We will handle user's privacy information and personal information appropriately according to our "privacy policy".

Rights attribution

With this service, you can upload and store text, voice, music, images, video and other information (hereinafter "data") on this service and upload and store data , "Service user data"), all ownership rights are held by the service user and are solely responsible. The Service User shall not be liable to the Company under any circumstances including loss or damage resulting from the use of any data transmitted, transferred, stored or otherwise used through this Service We shall assume. In addition, all data other than service user data, intellectual property such as trademarks, logos, etc. of this service have ownership or use rights of the Company and are protected under Japanese law .


Fire web service respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and we would like users to respect them as well. Please contact support regarding data such as copyright infringement which may conflict with law.

Provision of services

We will grant you the right to use this service in accordance with these Terms and conditions of use published in this service. The user can not transfer or rent the usage right of this service to a third party. The user understands and agrees that this service is provided "as is" or "possible range" services. In addition, we do not guarantee compliance with specific purpose or absence of infringement, regardless of whether express or implied by us or our affiliated partners. Therefore, we do not undertake any guarantee and we are not responsible for any security, reliability, safety, accuracy, availability, timeliness, security or reliability of services and data. We are not liable or obligated in respect of computer system failure, data loss or other damage caused by accessing or using the service, data. The Company shall be able to post advertisements of the Company and third parties to this service. The Company shall be able to add, change, suspend and terminate this service at any time for any reason (including occasional maintenance) at our convenience.

Use of this service

(1) In addition to these Terms, this Service may only be used by persons who comply with applicable laws and regulations. The service user shall use this service at the responsibility of the service user himself, and shall assume all responsibility for the actions performed in this service and the result thereof.
(2) The user of this service will do the backup of the data of this service by the service user himself.
(3) When registering information on the service user himself / herself when using this service, the service user must provide truth, accurate and complete information, and unless it is modified so that it always becomes the latest information It will not.
(4) The service user must strictly manage accounts, passwords, access keys, secret keys, etc. necessary for using this service, at your own risk so as not to be illegally used. We can regard any action taken by using the registered account, password, access key, secret key etc as the act of the service user himself
(5) We can delete accounts that have passed 90 days or more from the last access without notifying service users.
(6) Regardless of the reason, the service user's usage history and usage rights of this service will disappear at the time the account is deleted, and the service user can not recover in any case, such as accidentally deleting the account.
(7) If the Company acknowledges that the service user is using this service in violation of this Agreement, we suspend or cancel the right of use without notifying the service user in advance (pay service ), Cancellation of the use of all or part of this service, and other measures judged necessary and appropriate by the Company. However, we are not obliged to prevent or correct violations by service users.
(8) We agree that there is a possibility that advertisements will be posted within this service, and we will use this service.
(9) By using the service (including cases where we receive claims from third parties due to the use of this service by our service users), our service personnel may directly In case of suffering any kind of damage (including the burden of attorney fee) in a way or indirectly, we must immediately compensate it according to our request.

Use of software etc.

The service user may use the CGI, the installed program, the application, the software etc. (hereinafter referred to as "providing software, etc.") provided in this service only for the purposes that the service user himself uses in the service It is possible and can not be used beyond the scope permitted by this agreement or service-specific agreement etc.
All rights, such as copyright and other rights relating to the provided software etc., belong to the right holder of the providing software etc. We do not assign, license, etc on these rights to users. Provided, however, that if a right holder such as providing software requires that permission from the Company be necessary for the service user to use the provided software, etc. in this service, and the Company may grant such permission The Company shall grant to the user only to the extent necessary for the use of this service in accordance with the right holder's right.
The service user is responsible for compensating for damages to the Company if the use of provided software etc. exceeding the use range approved by the service user or infringement of the right of the providing software etc. specified in the preceding paragraph is caused I owe it.

Cooperation with external service

External service that can cooperate with ID
"Facebook" provided by Facebook Inc.
"Twitter" provided by Twitter Inc.
"Google" provided by google corporation
For each ID of external service, one ID of this service will work together.
ID linkage uses programs provided by external service.
Therefore, depending on the status of the external service or API, a failure or error may occur when logging into this service.
When the member leaves the account of the external service of the ID cooperation source, when the external service of the ID cooperation source is canceled, suspended or terminated, and ID cooperation with this service can not be performed due to the specifications and policies of the external service If you log in, you may not be able to log in to this service, which may result in the loss of membership rights on this service.
The use of external services shall be done by the members at their own risk and we will not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, safety etc. of the external service. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by members of the external service or other third parties.
We can not respond to inquiries, complaints etc concerning the operational situation and usage of external service, so please contact directly to the relevant external service.

usage fee

Amount to be paid by the service user to the Company shall be the sum of the usage fee and the consumption tax and local consumption tax equivalent (hereinafter referred to as "consumption tax, etc.") imposed on payment of the usage fee (hereinafter referred to as " It is called "charge").
According to the amendment to the law, the calculation of the consumption tax equivalent, etc. to be imposed on payment of the usage fee when there is a change in the tax rate concerning consumption tax etc. shall be based on the changed tax rate. The tax laws of Japan shall be applied.
The usage fee of this service shall be composed as follows.
Monthly payment: A form of payment in which a fixed usage fee is generated every 30 days for service usage fee.
Annual payment: refers to the form of paying service usage fee once a year.
One-time payment: A form of paying the usage fee of this service, which is completed at one time, at a time.
The usage fee amount of this service and the calculation method concerning paid service will be posted on the service page of each service.
The usage fee amount of this service shall be in accordance with the usage fee at the time of concluding the usage contract unless otherwise specified in the use contract. Provided, however, that if the Company finds that the use fee for this service is inadequate due to price fluctuations or maintenance and management operating expenses pertaining to our facilities, by notifying the service user in an appropriate manner, the contract period Even within, you can change the usage fee.
In the event of a change in the tax rate, the Company shall notify the user who has already paid the usage fee due to the annual lump sum from the day on which the change in the applicable tax rate is applied, equivalent to the consumption tax etc. in the remaining period of the pre- I will claim the difference of the amount. In this case, the user shall pay the difference according to the payment method and the deadline presented by the Company in the request.

Payment method of usage fee

The service user pays the service usage fee by the method specified by the Company by the payment deadline.
The method of paying the fee is "credit card payment" unless we specify it and there is a provision in the service-specific terms.
Credit card payment means payment by credit card based on contract between the credit card company approved by the company and the user.
The Company shall be able to exchange information with the credit card company from time to time about information on credit cards of service users who have been provided by the service user, and if we deem it necessary Shall be able to request service users to take measures such as changing payment methods.

Termination of paid service

Service subscribers will cancel cancellation of paid services by themselves.
If you cancel or withdraw within the paid service contract period, you will not refund the usage fee for the remaining period.
In the following cases, we will stop providing the service immediately without prior notice to the service user.
· False contents were included in registered contents
· In case of acts contrary to nuisance or regulations
· The payment of the service fee is not paid even after the payment date

Disclaimer of our company

We will inform the Service of any defects in fact or in law (safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, compatibility with a specific purpose, security, etc., errors and bugs, infringement of rights, etc. We do not guarantee that there is no explicit or implied warranty.
We are not obligated to provide this service by removing these flaws to service users. Data exchanged through the system and service of this service may be lost due to an unexpected system problem or the like.
We are not obligated to back up data and obligation to restore lost data and we are not responsible for any damage caused or incidental to such circumstances.
Although this service may include services or data provided by other business operators, we do not assume any responsibility for the usefulness of these services or data, or any losses or damages derived from them.
In addition, the terms of service and other conditions stipulated by the business operator providing these may be applied to these services or data.
We do not assume any responsibility for any damage caused to the service user due to this service.
Provided, however, that if the contract between the Company and the service user concerning this service (including this agreement) falls under the consumer contract (Law No. 61 of 2000) prescribed in the Consumer Contract Law, The provision completely exempts liability for damages, and the provision that exempts partly from our liability for damages if there is intentional or gross negligence does not apply.
In that case, the Company shall limit the amount of usage fee of the service received from the service user in the month of default of the Company's obligation or tort, when the damage caused to the service user is based on default or illegal acts We assume liability for damages as damages (assumes no responsibility for extra damage).
In the event that this Agreement violates any laws and regulations, only the provisions of this Agreement in violation of laws and regulations are invalid and other provisions shall survive effectively

Stopping the provision of this service.

When terminating the provision of this service, we will inform the service user in advance. However, we may not notify you in case of emergency.
If the regulatory agency is unable to provide services due to dispositions such as cancellation of business or suspension, damages shall not be incurred.

Governing law, jurisdiction

This agreement is Japanese as a text and the applicable law is the Japanese law. For the dispute arising between the service user and the Company arising out of or in connection with this Service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance.

Miscellaneous regulations

About unit of capacity
1 KB = 1,000 bytes
If it is written as 1KiB, it is 1,024 bytes
1 MB = 1,000 kilobytes
If it is written as 1MiB, it is 1,024 kilobytes
1 GB = 1,000 Megabytes
If it is written as 1 GiB, it is 1,024 Mbyte